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Measure your square footage and we'll do the math for you.

-Mulch -Borgert Pavers and Retaining Walls
-Rock -Anchor Pavers and Retaining Walls
-Rolls of Sod  

Summer Tips

  • Apply Gertens Turf Special (Step 3). Apply early July through August - No harsh weed killers in this one; Turf Special's purpose is to help lawns recover after the heat of the summer. Apply in July to kick grass up a notch and keep it going through the fall. The extra Nitrogen really greens up what the sun tried to brown out in June and July.

  • Water Features. Keep an eye on algae in your pond or water feature and treat before it gets out of hand. Watch for signs of low oxygen levels. As water starts to warm increase aeration in your water feature.
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  • Prune Maples and Birch. Maple and Birch trees can now be safely pruned.

  • Prunining Hedges. Shear and shape hedges after new growth has emerged. Watch for Japanese Beetles as you go.

2015 Lawn and Turf Handbook

Lawn & Turf HandbookGertens Lawn & Turf Handbook is your complete guide to an easy and beautiful lawn. Download your copy here.

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