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Measure your square footage and we'll do the math for you.

-Mulch -Borgert Pavers and Retaining Walls
-Rock -Anchor Pavers and Retaining Walls
-Rolls of Sod  

Spring Tips

  • Stay off lawns. Now that the snow has just left, try to stay off lawns and do not rake until it's had a chance to dry out.

  • Get the grill ready. It's time to get the grill ready for another sizzlin summer. Attend a demo on March 28th. Sign up here.

  • Summer flowering bulbs Time to start your summer flowering bulbs (Dahlias, Cannas, Caladiums and Elephant Ears) inside to give them a great jump on the season.

  • Lawn care. Check for snow mold and if needed apply a preventative treatment. Apply Gypsum to your lawn to flush out salt damage. Stop in and talk to one of our turf experts or read more here.

2015 Lawn and Turf Handbook

Lawn & Turf HandbookGertens Lawn & Turf Handbook is your complete guide to an easy and beautiful lawn. Download your copy here.

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