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Measure your square footage and we'll do the math for you.

-Mulch or Soil -Borgert Pavers and Retaining Walls
-Rock -Anchor Pavers and Retaining Walls
-Rolls of Sod  

Summer Tips

  • Lawn. Time for Weed & Feed. Step 2 of the 4-step lawn program. Whether you are doing all four steps or just this one now is the time to get your Weed & Feed down. Put it down on a wet lawn and then no watering for 48 hours.
  • Pruning. Shear and shape hedges after new growth has emerged. Watch for first signs of Japanese Beetles. Disinfect pruners between cuts.

  • Tomatoes. The secret to bigger and better tomatoes is to remove the leaves from the bottom one foot of the stem once they are about 3 feet tall. These are the first leaves to develop fungus problems. Mulching around your tomatoes will help prevent water from splashing up and spreading blight.

  • Veggies. Give your veggies a big jump with some organic vegetable fertilizer.

  • Annuals. Use Gertens Bloom Enhancer fertilizer once a week on flowering annuals to keep those beautiful blooms coming.

2016 Lawn and Turf Handbook

Lawn & Turf HandbookGertens Lawn & Turf Handbook is your complete guide to an easy and beautiful lawn. Download your copy here.

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