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Artificial Christmas Tree 101



Artificial Christmas trees have undergone stunning technological updates and advances in recent years and with the quality of materials used, no one will know the answer to;" is it real or not?" Our Gertens Christmas Store customers who have switched to artificial Christmas trees love the convenience, getting their tree up sooner, no needle issues, no watering and they're able to enjoy the season longer.

Gertens shoppers first ask about price, assembly, storage and what makes an artificial Christmas tree the real thing. The most important factor is tip count, noted by the number of tip points on a tree. More tips make for a fuller life-like tree. You should look for the most tips for the price when comparison shopping.

On artificial Christmas trees, the light count and type reflect the final cost. LEDs are more vibrant, more durable, and use less electricity so they cost less to operate. With unlit artificial trees you have more flexibility in the look with color and quantity of your lights and tree ornaments. A wide variety of lights and ornaments are always available for purchase, and cut the expense by buying an unlit tree.

For assembly, most trees come in 3-5 sections, and are coded with letters. With pre-lit cords, coding is by colors or numbers to indicate where they are to be plugged in, making assembly a snap.

Most artificial Christmas trees require some shaping of the branches when they come out of the box to create a full look, or look for permanent Christmas trees that have been manufactured to be "ready-shaped" out of the box. Quality Gertens artificial trees come with metal frames and hinged construction. The branches are connected to the trunk with a hinge allowing you to simply fold down the branch into place.

Height is also an important factor. There are standard sizes and the most common is the 7.5 foot tree. This size tree will have the most variety of styles available. The other standard sizes are 4.5' trees, 6.5' trees, 9' foot trees. You can also shop for 10-12' even 14 footers. If you're using a star or angel, pick a tree with enough clearance from your ceiling.

There's an ease of storage to artificial Christmas trees from Gertens. Carefully take the sections apart, gently pack into the box. Carefully compress the tree as to not damage the light strands or bulbs; or purchase storage bags which can make it easier to store and save space instead of a bulky box.

At Gertens you'll find the best in artificial Christmas trees with the biggest savings. Click to shop for Life-Like Christmas Trees