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Christmas Lights Done Right

If you're starting to put up holiday lights it's time to remember which are for indoor or outdoor use. After all, it is important to know which is which.

Here at Gertens and online at our Christmas Light Store, we offer LED Gabriel lights, themed Christmas lights, and more with exceptionally bright, long-lasting bulbs. Our strands are produced with commercial-grade wire and measure up to 50% longer than Christmas light strands offered at hardware superstores.

Gabriel LED Christmas lights, Gertens own brand, are 90% more energy efficient than comparable brands and come with a three year warranty. With more than 40 stunning color combinations, these commercial grade lights are ideal for either indoor or outdoor use.

Gertens offers a first-rate selection of lights including Gabriel Christmas LED's, novelty, themed, icicle, net, and rope lighting.

  • Read the box to find out how many strands can be linked together (before you start blowing the mini-fuses in the plugs).
  • For outdoor decorating, measure and make a diagram of your light design first. Run extension cords to each point where each maximum number of strings ends. Test each string at ground level and then use plastic clips to attach onto
    gutters, eaves and roof edges.
  • If stapling, make sure that you have a staple gun that will prevent stapling through electric wires.
  • Finally, to prevent a tangled mess when taking your lights down, lower each strand into a plastic bag. Number both the bag and the diagram (to show where each strand goes) and store them until next year. It'll be time again sooner than you think.