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Gertens 2018 CSA

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Availability: Out of stock

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Order your 2018 Gertens CSA now!

First CSA arrives middle June 2018.

What is Gertens CSA?

Gertens CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) consists of a local community of individuals who pledge their support to a farming operation where the growers and consumers share the risks and rewards of the 2018 growing season. Gertens CSA provides whole share and a half share options. Whole shares consist of an assortment of fresh from the field fruits and vegetables that are superior in quality and standards to feed a family of 4-6, half share will feed 2-3 people. Shares will be ready for pick-up weekly from mid-June 2018 through mid-October 2018 (17 total weeks). Any produce not picked up is donated to a local food shelf. When picking up shares, you can opt to leave behind anything you may not want. All of this food will also go directly to the less fortunate at a local food shelf. We continue to be a drop off point for gardeners to donate excess produce. Together we can help feed the hungry instead of letting food go to waste.

There will be weekly coupons for those who sign-up for our CSA program. We also will extend the coupon offer to anyone who has planted an extra row in their garden and bring in a share each week to be donated (please drop off the donation between business hours on Tuesday and Wednesday).  


What is Gertens CSA difference?

Many CSA drop-off content locations are outside on sidewalks or black top parking lots leaving CSA's exposed to a variety of weather conditions. We store our farm fresh produce in a climate controlled onsite facility to assure freshness from the field. That's a huge difference in taste and freshness.


For the past years, Gertens relationship with our field partners Jerry and Paul. is a strong one, supplying Gertens CSA customers with the best, fresh from the field produce and continue Gertens is proud to to be stewards of conservation in the agriculture field. These are tradition and values Gertens has strived to achieve.


Gertens CSA is also dedicated to giving back to the community, especially those who have fallen on hard times. Food shelves often receive many donations of non-perishable goods. Gertens CSA aims to bring produce fresh from the growing fields to those in need. If you can’t make a pick-up, have enough produce to get through the week, or just want to give your weeks share to a local food shelf, we will make that happen. We are also thrilled to partner with you and your homegrown produce. Gertens will act as a drop-off for excess produce you have grown in your garden. Together we’ll continue the tradition of helping and improving the local community we serve.


Q. Why should I invest in Gertens CSA?
A. Gertens CSA will provide a farm fresh offering of local sustainably grown produce weekly.

Q. Do I have to pay all at once?
A. Yes, investing in healthier diet of farm fresh produce is beneficial for you and your family.

Q. What if I miss a pick-up?
A. All missed pick ups are donated to local food shelves to feed the less fortunate.

Q. Can I select which items I receive?
A. No. All shares are packaged alike with produce that’s in season. You will broaden your produce consumption with many delightful discoveries you may not have considered but learn to enjoy!

Q. When can I pick up my produce?
A. Scheduled pick-up times are Tuesday after 2pm and all day Wednesday during store hours. With the Gertens CSA you will learn from an email we send out on Monday, that weeks content for easy family meal planning. Many times easy recipes are included to help discover tasty new ways of enjoying your CSA.



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