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Ice and Snow Removal Tips for Driveways and Sidewalks

Let it snow, let it snow, let it...wait a minute...with this cold and snowy winter you’re going to need some tips and tools for sidewalk snow and ice removal, roof ice removal, and driveway snow removal. All the snow and ice can wreak havoc on your property--not to mention your arms, back, and sanity. Here are some helpful tips and product recommendations to ensure you have a safe and stress free winter.

Ice Away Max Green is a safer ice melt with an active ingredient of Magnesium Chloride. It dissolves quickly to create a brine that quickly and effectively melts ice and snow to a temperature of -15 degrees F.







Peladow Ice MeltPeladow is a Calcium Chloride based ice melt that melts down to -25°F. There are a broad range of icemeltsavailable, and many start losing power at temperatures as high as 20°F. See why Peladow is the bestproduct available for cold winters.






FreezGard Magnesium ChlorideAnother safe and effective option is Mag Chloride. Its crystals have a unique shape that work on contact, penetrating ice and snow quickly. It's safe for contact with people, animals, lawns and concrete when used as directed. With less chlorides than conventional ice melters, Mag Chloride is safer for the environment. With 100% magnesium chloride hexahydrate, it’s powerful enough to melt ice quickly in extremely cold temperatures.






Traction Grit is a great solution for people with natural stone steps or pavers. It is small, jagged pieces of purple quartz gravel. Though it will not melt ice, it does provide a non-slip surface. It’s also great to keep in your car in case you get stuck. Placing a little underneath the wheels will give you enough traction to get yourself out.

Spreaders are great to evenly distribute ice melt or grit which will prevent waste and/or slippery spots. Gertens carries hand broadcasters and push spreaders.

Shovels (available in-store) are the tried and true method for getting rid of snow and slush, as well as to get a great workout. For clearing large areas snow pusher shovels are extremely effective. These are the type of lightweight shovels with poly blades that you see used by crews at NHL hockey arenas. There are also shovels with ergonomic U-shaped handles that can move a lot of snow very efficiently. Gertens has a wide variety of options for pushing and scooping.

YO HO ScraperFlexible steel bladed scrapers (available in-store) are great for removing ice from sidewalks and driveways.Work smarter, not harder by selecting the right shovel for the job. Make sure to ask a knowledgeable Gertens employee for tips and more information on which shovel is right for you.

salted sidewalkFrom shovels and scrapers to a wide variety of ice melt products, Gertens has the supplies and expertise to help you safely remove ice and snow.