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How to Care for Fresh Cut Roses

Here at Gertens, we have some great advice for how to care for fresh cut roses, America’s favorite flower. So whether you’ve purchased roses for Valentines Day, or another special occasion, you can easily double their lifespans using the following tips:

Caring for Cut Roses
With these easy reminders you can extend your enjoyment of our national flower.
  • Remember roses are very thirsty! Make sure your vase never runs low or if they are in a foam oasis, make sure the foam is always dripping moist.
  • If your roses are delivered loose in a box, keep them in a cool dark place until they can be arranged.
  • Prior to arranging, remove all the leaves, especially those below the waterline. Prepare a clean vase that suits the size of your rose bouquet.
  • While holding your roses under running tap water or distilled standing water, cut 1 inch off the bottom of each stem. Avoid using a home or commercial water softener as the salts can cause premature wilting.
  • Use sharp floral pruners when cutting. This process will stop air bubbles from penetrating the stem.
  • Make sure you add the correct amount of floral preservative and if you refill your vase, be sure to add more floral preservative.
  • After arranging, if possible, place the arrangement in a cool, dark room for 2-3 hours.
  • When picking a location, try to display your roses away from drafts, heating vents, and bright sunny windows.
  • If a rose should wilt prematurely, check the stem for any breaks or scrapes. If there is no visible damage, try re-cutting the stem.