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Best Method for Spot Seeding Your Lawn in Minnesota

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Use this tried and true method for spot seeding your lawn, but remember, prepping the area to be seeded is the most important step.

Raking is the best method when spot seeding, because you only need to prepare certain areas.

Supplies Needed

Step 1: Rake The Area To Be Seeded.

Use a rake, landscape rake, or a thatching rake. Rototill the soil by turning the soil over with a spade or a shovel. Loosen the soil three to six inches deep.

Step 2: Rake Area Smooth.

Now level the area to be seeded, remove any debris, soil lumps, and rocks. Add soil to level areas.

Step 3: Fertilize the area

Broadcast seed starter fertilizer.

Step 4: Broadcast Seed Over Area To Be Seeded.

Seeding a smaller area requires “peppering” the seed over the soil. The seed should be scattered through the area, being careful not to get too much seed together in one area. Seeds should not touch.

Step 5: Rake the Area

Rake the seed lightly into the soil with a leaf rake.

Step 6: Broadcasting Paper Mulch. (Optional)
This will help keep the moisture on the grass seed, and it lightly covers the seed for protection.

Step 7: Watering.

Water regularly on scheduled times to make sure the seed and soil stay moist. Sunny locations and dry weather will require you to water more frequently.