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Lawn Mower Storage Tips

Here are some general tips on storing your mower for the winter, although you should consult your operator’s manual for specific maintenance requirements.

SnowCovered Mower
  1. Fuel system preparation – Add fuel stabilizer and run engine for five minutes to distribute conditioned fuel through fuel system. Stop engine, allow to cool, and drain fuel tank OR run engine until it stops. Restart a third time and allow it to run until it stops. Continue to attempt to restart the engine until it will no longer start.
  2. Clean and replace air filter.
  3. Clean unit thoroughly.
  4. Battery (if applicable) – remove battery from unit and fully charge prior to storage.
  5. Replace any damaged or worn parts.
  6. Lubricate unit per the operator’s manual.

Storage:  Ensure engine has cooled! Cover unit and store in a clean, dry location out of the reach of children. NOTE: Never store unit in house (living area) or basement when ignition sources may be present such as a hot water heater, space heater, clothes dryer and the like. Gasoline and fumes are highly flammable and explosive. Fumes also can be dangerous if inhaled.