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Dormant Seeding

Dormant seeding is a great way to bring new grass varieties into your lawn. Dormant seeding is the practice of seeding your lawn while it is not actively growing. This creates an environment that will germinate the seed early next spring as the soil begins to warm.

- Have a cabin, large acreage or area that you will not be able to water? Late season dormant seeding is for you. Use JRK special blend seed mixes in late October to November before the ground freezes. When spring comes around your new seed will sprout.

Come learn tips and tricks at one of our Fall Turf Seeding seminars. Click here to sign up.

5 Steps for Dormant SeedingFall is for seeding

Step 1. Mow Lawn Short

Mow grass to a height of 1.5"

Step 2. Rake Area Thoroughly

Use an overseeder rake or leaf rake taking care not to rip out existing grass.

Step 3. Spread Winterizer

Step 4. Broadcast Seed Over Lawn

With over 24 grass seed mixes at Gertens we have a mix that will fit your needs. Use a hand spreader for smaller aras and a larger broadcast spreader for larger lawns. For a more even spread, apply half in one direction and the other half in the other direction.

Step 5. Watering

Water in lightly as the ground freezes. As the snow melts and the soil thaws, soils temps increase the seed germination in the spring.