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Tips During a Dry Fall Weather

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We offer tried and true tips for preventing stress in plants, lawns, and trees as a result of below average rainfall in August, and an extremely dry September. Be aware that evergreens, such as pine, spruce, and arborvitae, are particularly vulnerable to the extreme dry conditions.

Dry Pine

In our Northern climate, it is never wise to let your landscape go into winter stressed. If you’re noticing excessive yellowing or browning toward the tips of your evergreen trees, these are indications of stress due to the lack of moisture. Applying water to stressed trees and lawns will ensure healthy landscapes the following spring. Use soaker hoses or a hose end bubbler to emit water slowly and precisely to stressed plants, lawns, and trees.  If any of your prized plants are less than five growing seasons old, it would be a good idea to apply water to those as well.  Do not fertilize stressed trees at this time of year.

For lawns, water as needed. They also like to be kept watered in the fall. If you have not yet applied your fall winterizer--such as Gertens Winterizer, -there is still time to apply it as long as your lawn is not stressed. All types of plants and lawns can be watered until the ground freezes.

How will this dry weather effect leaf color change? If trees become too dry prior to color change, you will notice subtle tans, bronzes, and auburn colors instead of the vibrant colors you might expect.