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The Fragrant Garden

Are you ready to improve the beauty and scent of your garden all at once? Our tips for planting fragrant flowers will enhance your garden in the following key areas:

Area 1: Foundation Plantings

Miss Kim Lilac's are as beautiful as they are fragrant and fresh!

As a child growing up, I remember warm summer nights laying in bed with the window open and having the wonderful fragrance of the garden surrounding my home creep into my bedroom. As a rule, I like to plant fragrant plants underneath bedroom windows. Good plant choices for this area are:
1. Miss Kim Lilac
2. Golden Mockorange
3. Roses

Area 2: Deck or Living Areas

Wherever you like to entertain or spend quiet times reading a book – inside or outside – I like to use fragrant flowers. Indoors I always have fresh fragrant bouquets to brighten and also bring the fragrance of the garden indoors. On decks and outdoor living rooms, I like to plant annuals with great fragrance. Good plant choices for this area area:
1. Fresh flowers: Roses or Lilacs
2. Kitchen: potted or fresh Rosemary
3. Deck/Patio: potted Roses, Jasmine, or Gardenia

Area 3: Garden Beds

To enhance any plantings or beds, incorporate these plants to add fragrance:
Hybrid Roses, Jupiter’s Beard, Dianthus, Lavender, Monarda, Woodland Phlox, Solomon’s Seal, and Herbs.
Lastly, in cutsone walkways, incorporate low-growing Thyme. This plant is not only showy in bloom and easy to grow in tough spots, but is also extremely fragrant.