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Apple Varieties for Minnesota

When selecting apple varieties for Minnesota, be sure your selection is hardy for your growing area. The southern part of the state, including the Twin Cities, is part of USDA hardiness zone 4. The area north of St. Cloud is zone 3.

Apples are divided into early, mid- or late season based on their ripening date. Early varieties ripen from August through early September. They are usually firm and crisp at harvest but have a relatively short storage life.

Minnesota Apples
Southern Minnesota is Zone 4, above St. Cloud is Zone 3

Some varieties of apples are more disease resistant than others, but to be safe it is a good idea to use sprays made specifically for fruit trees to protect your apples. Gertens carries Fruit Tree Spray by Bonide, and Infuse Systematic Disease Control by Bonide. Make sure to follow the directions on the label for your safety and ensured success.

Gertens carries a variety of apple tree and crabapple tree varieties. For our current selections, please visit our Tree Lot.

  • Zestar: The newest apple from the University of Minnesota. It ripens in late August and has a delightful balance of flavors.
    Chestnut Crab: One of Minnesota's best-kept secrets. Small and ugly but wonderful flavor.
  • Sweet 16: One of the most unusual flavored apples in Minnesota. Very sweet with a flavor like cherry candy.
  • Honeycrisp: Perhaps Minnesota's premier eating apple. It has a well-balanced sweet/tart flavor and unusually crisp texture, which has been called "explosively crisp." It's also one of the best keeping apples, storing up to seven months in refrigeration.
  • Haralson: One of Minnesota's favorites. Tart flavor, good storage and excellent for cooking.
  • Cortland: This apple has a medium sized fruit with a slightly tropical flavor. It is excellent for eating and cooking.
  • Regent: One of Minnesota's newer high-quality apples. It has a delightful balance of sweet and tart with a firm, crisp texture and good storage.
  • Frostbite: This apple has a very sweet and intense taste within a small juicy apple. It has excellent cold hardiness and is good for eating fresh or cooking.
  • Snow Sweet: This U of M developed apple has a sweet and slightly tart taste. The flesh is slow to brown when cut which makes it an excellent choice for salads.

Remember, since apples require cross-pollination, it's necessary to plant at least two different varieties. Consider varieties from different ripening seasons to lengthen your season of harvest.