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How to Control Buckthorn in Minnesota

Once a choice ornamental shrub, Buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica or Rhamnus frangula alnus) is now considered to be a noxious weed in Minnesota. Read on to learn how to control Buckthorn in Minnesota.

Buckthorn is Not a Native Plant

Buckthorn is a tough species that is adaptable to sun or shade, drought, and poor soil. Currently, Buckthorn is out-competing our native plants, which in turn is reducing plant diversity. We need this diversity to provide us with healthy forests, prairies, and wetlands.

To control buckthorn follow these steps:

  • Pull out small seedling by hand or with the aid or a weeder. It is easiest when the soil is moist.
  • Dig out larger seedlings. Call Gopher State One (651-454-0002) before digging.
  • Cut larger buckthorn trees off at ground level and spray the top and sides of the stump with Brush and Stump Killer. It is most effective when you spray in late summer or early fall because the sap is flowing to the root system. Be careful near edible and other desirable plantings and follow the manufacturer instructions.
  • Remove all debris and berries so that they do not have an opportunity to restart.
  • Your city may have a buckthorn drop location, or you could call a local tree service for disposal.

Some suggestions to replace Buckthorn

Full Sun to Partial Shade

Full Sun Only