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How to Grow and Care for Cineraria Plants Indoors

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Here at Gertens, we have information on how to grow and care for cineraria plants indoors. Read on to learn about the plants and to discover their preferred growing environment.

Cinerarias are a true Annual, and only flower once.

Cineraria, Senecio cruentus, have many daisy like flowers covering the top of the plant that can come in shades of dark pink, red, purple, blue, and white. The Cineraria blooms last between four and six weeks.

Environment and Care

Cinerarias like cool temperatures around 45° to 55° F. When temperatures are to warm, above 60°, the flowers open and die quicker. Cold drafts are another possible problem for this plant. They can cause wilting or yellow leaves to develop. This plant needs consistent water and should feel moist at all times.

Cineraria need a high light area but should be away from any direct light. They also like a more humid environment. This can be achieved by placing the pot on a tray of pebbles that is filled with water.

After Flower Care

Unfortunately, Cinerarias do not bloom again once their 6 weeks are up. They are a true annual and only flower one time in their lifespan. It is recommended to discard of the plants after flowering. The plants are grown from seed and will not be able to be leaf propagated. It is best to sow new seeds in midsummer in a cool place.