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How to Grow and Care for Bromeliad Plants

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With our tips, now you can learn how to grow and care for bromeliad plants in your home. What are bromeliads, you ask? Bromeliads are brightly colored tropical plants that are commonly grown as houseplants. There are many different types of bromeliads, from the Spanish moss that grows on trees to the pineapples that we regularly get from the grocery store. The types that are usually grown as houseplants are: Vresia, Guzmania, and Aechmea. They have leaves that form cups to hold water, brightly colored centers and can grow to be fairly large houseplants.

Bromeliads are fairly hardy, even able to grow in a north facing window.

Where and how to grow

Bromeliads need to be grown in a light weight soil, regular potting soil will hold too much water for them and can cause them to rot. They tend to do well if they are grown in an orchid peat.
They can grow in a wide variety of different light conditions even in a north facing window. The most important factor in where to place these plants is that they can’t be grown where they will get the hot midday sun. The plants will dry out if they get this type of sunlight.
These plants can tolerate a wide range of temperatures but they will grow the best for you if they are kept between 50-80°F. They also prefer an area with good air circulation.

Watering your bromeliads

These plants can tolerate some drought. The biggest problem people tend to have is over-watering these plants. For the best results water them thoroughly and then allow the soil to dry out before you water them again. If you have a variety with a central cup you should place a small amount of water in the cup along with watering the soil.
Bromeliads prefer an area with a higher humidity level. If your house doesn’t have high humidity you can mist the leaves of the plant regularly, about twice a week.
They don’t need to be fertilized often, once a month at most. When you do fertilize use only half to one quarter strength.


The main thing that affects indoor bromeliads is watering problems. Make sure that you water these plants carefully. Over watering is commonly the reason these plants die.