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Best Conditions for Growing Begonias Outdoors

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There are thousands of different types of begonias that grow all over the world, but the best conditions for growing begonias outdoors are fairly straightforward.

All Begonias have seperate male and female flowers.

Before we describe what conditions the plant prefers, we’ll first give you some basic begonia information. All begonias have separate male and female flowers, and their stems are fleshy and the leaves are lopsided. Begonia x hiemalis or elatior begonias are winter flowering begonias and do very well in containers. They have large mostly double flowers that come in yellow, red, white, pink, and orange. The leaves are dark green and ornamental in shape. These are fibrous-rooted begonias, which can be used for cuttings.

Environment and Care

Reiger begonias enjoy a cooler environment free from drafts. They require at least 4 hours of filtered or indirect light when they are in flower. They need to be kept moist but not over watered. Fertilize when they are done flowering.

After Flower Care

Unfortunately, this type of begonia is hard to maintain after they flower in the summer months. It is best to consider them a winter color display and discard the plant after the flowers have ceased.

Possible problems

This type of begonia is susceptible to mildews. Keep the soil evenly moist and make sure to discard any excess water from its tray after watering. Insect pests can be a problem if the plant is stressed. Make sure to give it plenty of light and discard of the plant after it flowers. The undue stress of trying to keep it after it flowers can lead to pest and disease problems.