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Bat Magic

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Quick Overview

With Bat Magic™ you can easily and safely repel bats from areas where they become a nuisance!

Package comes with 4 ready-to-use place packs.



Bonide® Bat Magic™ drives bats from attics, blinds, wall voids, chimneys, and other confined spaces they like to hide in. Eliminates the annoying odors, squeaking, rustling, scratching and the risks of rabies and histoplasmosis that come with bats in your residence. Contains natural, essential oils packaged in convenient simple to use "place packs".

The balanced blend of natural, essential oils humanely provides maximum repellency without harm to bats, other animals or the environment. Bat Magic™ is packaged in convenient place packs that can be easily placed where needed.

Bat Magic™ repels bats for 30 days or more.

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