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Super Weekend Workshops

Saturday Jan. 28th. Join us for FREE workshops on timely subjects. Get expert advice.

Dormant Pruning 1/28/17

Saturday, January 28 at 10am. Improve the performance and appearance of your shrubs and trees. Discover pruning tips, techniques and learn which tools you need to successfully complete the job.

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Tips and Tricks


Feeding Birds in Winter

A few that are permanent, year round residents are Cardinals, Chickadees and Sparrows. There are three main choices of food: Large seeds, small seeds, and suet.  ....Read more

Ice & Snow Removal Tips

All the snow and ice can wreak havoc on your property--not to mention your arms, back, and sanity. Here are some helpful tips and product recommendations to ensure you have a safe and stress free winter.  ....Read more

Pruning Tips

We have some quality tips for pruning early spring flowering plants, pruning fruit bearing trees, pruning roses, pruning long flowering plants, and more.  ....Read more


Keeping Houseplants Fresh

Seed Starting

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