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Fairy Gardening & Terrariums 8/5/14

Tuesday August, 5th at 1pm. Explore the enchanted world of Fairy Gardening & Terrariums. Young children and adults have been inspired to create these magical miniature gardens. Watch the demonstration and learn to create your very own scene.

Season Long Color with Perennials 8/7/14

Thursday, August 7th at 6pm. Enjoy the ease of a beautiful perennial garden. Attend our free seminar and get the scoop on proper care and placement so your garden will flourish for years to come.

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Japanese Beetle

Japanese Beetles are here. Getting a head start is the only way to be sure your plants are safe from this destructive pest. Gertens experts have over 20 solutions to control these pesky insects....Read more


Fall Lawn Seeding

Let's get fall lawn seeding started. When shopping for your supplies, take time to pick out the proper seed for the conditions. Seed mixes are formulated for a wide variety of conditions and...Read more

Planting for Energy Conservation

Trees and shrubs can reduce fuel consumption for heating and cooling your home. At Gertens, we have tips on how to plant for energy conservation. ...Read more


Deer & Rabbit Resistant Plants

Learn which plants you won’t have to worry about protecting from deer, rabbits and other four-legged pests.....Read more

Beautiful Garden Beds

5 Rules for Beautiful Garden Beds

Summer Patch - Turf Disease

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