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Japanese Beetle Seminar 7/30/16

July 30, 10am. The Japanese Beetles are back! Get all the details on the control and prevention of these destructive pests of summer. Join us and learn about more ways you can control these pests!

Growing Hydrangeas 7/30/16

Enjoy the long lasting, gorgeous blooms of hydrangea shrubs. Join the experts of Gertens Nursery and get all the tips for success to grow beautiful hydrangeas.

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Tips and Tricks

Controlling Japanese Beetles!

Japanese Beetles are here. Getting a head start is the only way to be sure your plants are safe from this destructive pest. Gertens experts have over 20 solutions to control these insects. ....Read more


Beautiful Garden Beds

Hanging Basket & Container Care!


Outdoor Living!

A big term at Gertens is outdoor living; meaning to create rooms outside that are similar to the ones you have in your home. There are many projects...Read more


Installing a Paver Patio!

Damaged Lawn Repair!

Repairing a damaged lawn really is not that hard. Follow these simple steps to get your laswn looking lush and full again.
...Read more here

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