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Fall Turf Seminar 8/27/16

Saturday, August 27th at 10am. Want a lush green lawn? Seeding new lawn or over seeding? Our experts will provide tips and tricks and provide invaluable information about fall seeding, fertilizer & watering.

Fall Turf Seeding and Maintenance 9/3/16

September 3rd at 10am. Fall is the perfect time to get your turf back in shape. Join the Gerten Turf Experts and learn all about seeding and maintaining a fall lawn.

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Tips and Tricks


Fall Container Recipe!

Does your container look burnt out, stressed out or dried out here's how to revive them with stunning, fresh, late season color; just follow these instructions.  ....Read more

Caring for the
summer lawn!

We’re into the dog days of summer, and many people’s lawns are showing signs of stress. Follow our tips to keep  your lawn healthy. ....Read more

Beautiful Garden Beds

Hanging Basket & Container Care!


Fall Japanese Beetle Control!

Japanese Beetles are here. Getting a head start is the only way to be sure your plants are safe from this destructive pest. Gertens experts have over 20 solutions to control these insects. ....Read more

Installing a Paver Patio!

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