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Winter Pruning 1/31/15

January, 31st at 10am. Winter is an ideal time to prune trees. Pruning improves structure and overall health to the plant. Discover which plants will benefit from winter pruning and what tools are best for the job.

Greenhouse Tour 1/31/15

January, 31st at 11am. Join Lew Gerten to tour through our greenhouse production area. See where we grow our annuals, Easter plants and more.

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Tips and Tricks

Seed Starting
Here at Gertens, we offer simple tips for starting plants from seed. Successfully starting seeds indoors will require a few things:...Read more

Winter Pruning & Care

Here at Gertens, we have some quality tips for pruning early spring flowering plants, pruning fruit bearing trees, pruning roses, pruning long flowering plants, and more....Read more

Beautiful Garden Beds

Bird Feeding in Winter

Winterize Plants

Healthy Houseplants!

Once the weather cools and the snow starts to fall, most gardeners enter a deep “green depression,” unless they know how to maintain ideal conditions for healthy houseplants.
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Fairy Gardens

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