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Winter Interest & Holiday Greenery

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Once the weather starts to cool down and leaves begin to turn color and fall, another season approaches.  The season of winter.  Which, in Minnesota, can be bleak at times.  But anyone that does holiday decorating knows that doesn’t have to be the case!  Winter means spruce tips, cedar boughs, red twig dogwood, curly willow, winterberry, glitter, Christmas trees, holiday lights, garland and much more!  Combinations can easily be put together using the same containers and soil from summer annuals.

Winter Container
Red Pine, Western Red Cedar, Oregon Juniper, Curly Willow, Red Huck and Willow Balls make a great feature container.

The containers are going to be the easiest to work with when the weather is still mild.  Clear out the old annuals, you may have to freshen up the pots with some new soil, then make your arrangement in the container.  The best combinations use at least three different textures.  To give height in an arrangement, often larger spruce tips or tree tops are used.  Shorter spruce tips, red and white pine, Oregon Juniper, western red and Port Orford cedar and noble fir are combined to create different layers. 

Wreaths and garland decorating a front entry.

Be creative with the florals and accents that you use.  Dogwoods, willows, eucalyptus, magnolia leaves are commonly used, but there are many perennial flower heads that can be saved from the summer.  Use the faded flower heads from yarrow, sedum, allium, globe thistle and hydrangeas.  Simply cut the flowers and dry them; some flowers can be spray painted, try metallic silver and gold to give a unique look.  Use other accents like birch logs in varying heights and widths, shatter-proof bulbs, ribbon and glittery pics to spice up the arrangements.    

Wreaths, swags and garland make a nice addition to front doors and railings.  Get an undecorated wreath that can be customized for each customer.  Use some of the same floral accents and ribbon from the containers to unify the look.