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Tree Planting Kit

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Quick Overview

Tree Planting Kit includes:

  • 1 cubic foot Peat Moss 

  • 1 bag of Green Loon All Bark Mulch 

  • 1 16 oz. bottle of Root Stimulator

  • 1 Gerten 5 gallon bucket



This tree planting kit has everything you need to get your new tree off on the right root.

  • Use the peat moss to amend the soil you dig up during planting.
  • After planting your new Gerten tree use the your new Gertens bucket to mix the water and root stimulator to give the roots a jump start on establishing itself. Follow the directions on the bottle for mixing rates. 
  • Next top off the newly dug out area with some great looking Green Loon All Bark mulch. This will help keep the moisture even underneath and clean up the dug up area.
  • Keep the mulch about 4-6 inches away from the trunk.

Additional Information

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