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Plants Choice Rapid Gypsum

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Quick Overview

Neutralizes road salt and dog spots in your yard!

• 30 lbs. Covers 5000 square feet

• Increases the aeration of tightly compacted soil 

• Helps leach out excessive amounts of salt in the soil 

• Ideal source of calcium and sulfur where pH correction is not needed 

• Use at %the rate of traditional gypsum 

• Reduced dust formula 



Plant’s Choice RAPID GYPSUM is formulated with polyhydroxycarboxylic acids (PHCA), which are derived from plant extracts in a patented process. Plant’s Choice RAPID GYPSUM is used to increase aeration of tightly compacted soil, to leach out excessive amounts of salt in the soil, and to as a source of calcium and sulfur where pH correction is not needed. 

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