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How to Create a Spruce Tip Pot (photo tutorial)



Step 1: Fill your pot with regular topsoil or a semi-heavy potting mix.

Step 2: Push your tallest Spruce Tip (you can also use Balsam Tips) into the center of the pot. Press with enough pressure to secure in the soil.


Step 3: Accent around your center Spruce Tip with smaller Spruce Tips and White & Red Pine Boughs. This will bring some width and shape to your pot.

TIP: Keep wider boughs in close to fill in the center and thinner boughs jutting out just past the pot's rim.

Step 4: Continue to add Pine and Spruce all the way around the pot 360 degrees to maintain a full look at any angle.
Step 5: Continue to layer up and taper in with Pine Boughs until a cone shape takes place.
Step 6: Add light yellow and dark green branches for contrast and pop. Magnolia leaves offer both light and dark shades on the top and bottom of the leaves and are perfect to add some variety in color.

Step 7: Add color and accent with pinecones, Dogwood twigs, and even ribbon for a touch of Christmas color.

TIP: Secure ribbon and pinecones to your greens with paddle wire to keep in place even in the wind.

Step 8: Enjoy! You're sure to create an inviting entrance following these steps. Substitute any natural accents to create a one-of-a-kind pot that you can call your own creation.

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