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Wrapping Around the Tree


Hide the plastic sheet/bag underneath your Christmas tree skirt for an easy clean up after the holidays.

It's that time again when a lot of folks are bringing home a Christmas tree. In just a few weeks, the same bunch of people will be taking them down again.

Right after that nice fresh green tree has dried out and become brittle, needles start falling off everywhere especially when you go to move it. This leaves a trail of needles that you’ll be finding for months to come.

Don't worry about the mess, because there is a simple solution. Buy a disposable plastic drop cloth (they come complimentary with a tree purchase at Gertens!), cut a small hole in the center and push the trunk though the hole before putting the tree in the stand. Then set up the tree as usual. Cut a small slit in the plastic to add water when needed and fold the excess plastic under the tree skirt. When it’s time to remove the tree, simply unfold the plastic and bring all four corners up to the treetop.