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There's a new way of fun and fashionable Poinsettia shopping at Gertens. Now you can “accessorize” your Poinsettia for a unique personalization at Gertens Designer Collection Poinsettia Bar. Accessorize your Poinsettia for stunning home décor or Christmas gift giving. Gertens has hundreds of designing options.


For example, take our Gertens Signature Value 6.5” Poinsettia which alone is huge and beautiful and value priced for just $6.99. Next you can start to “accessorize” with Gertens Pic-a-Pot choices. In just the 6.5 inch container size, you pick from our 7 Designer Choice pots. Then you have a choice of almost 13 container fabric (organza) options. Accents and designs that are true enhancements for Christmas decor and gift giving.


Gertens Poinsettia's are greenhouse fresh and grown with experienced care producing a quality plant that has exceeded expectations for decades.

poinsettia burlap pot

1) Gertens gives you 4 sizes of Poinsettias to choose from, the Pixies, Single, Double, and Grands. The multitude of colors and designs are breathtaking. That's just the plants.

2) Now you can accessorize with your choice of over 30 container designs. That's just the pots.

3) Next you can accessorize and design your Poinsettia, your pot with a choice of over a dozen pot customized accents.

poinsettia red plaid potWith this many options there are over SIX THOUSAND different combinations that could be created. This way you get exactly the right Poinsettia. Or choose from one of our beautiful pre-planted designer collection favorites. Either way you get a gorgeous value priced Poinsettia to brighten up the holidays. Freshly grown from our greenhouse to your home.