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Online Plant Card Program

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You'll be amazed at how effortlessly you are able to earn money for your organization through our Online Plant Card program!

How does the program work?

Plant Card
  1. Send us info about your group
  2. We'll send you a link unique to your group for your customers to buy Gertens Plant Cards
  3. Promote your link via email, facebook, twitter, your website, blogs, etc!
  4. Your customers get the cards at face value and you receive 11% of all sales. It's a win-win-win!
  5. We send your customers their cards via mail, you never touch the cards or the money (until we pay you your 11% of course)

It's that easy!


Using the Gertens Online Plant Card Fundraiser can easily help offset costs for trips, group activities, tuition, competitions, or any other special projects. The Plant Card allows local clubs, schools, churches and other community organizations to earn 11% on each card sold, while offering convenience and value to their customers.

Contact us to sign up or for more info:

Phone: 651-239-1321 or 651-239-1347