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Employment Opportunities

Gertens is rapidly growing and we're looking for people who enjoy plants, have a passion for gardening, or things associated with yards, gardens or landscapes. If you're a person who enjoys the changing seasons, come and be a part of our “growing” family. We have many positions and opportunities open for you.

As we continue to grow, we now have all types of positions to meet anyone's schedule. There are full-time permanent career opportunities, seasonal full-time and part-time opportunities, and permanent part-time positions. If you love working in the garden, enjoy yard work, or just the experience you've gained from the great outdoors, as we grow, there's not a better time to become part of the Gertens experience. We'll commit to training you so you're comfortable with customers. We'll make sure you're working with experienced co-workers who have the focus and skill set to make you successful.

Enjoy people, love the outdoors? Even if you're already employed, Gertens has multiple opportunities to “grow” with us.

Download the 2015 Gertens
Employee Application here.

Garden Center Positions:

Customer Service: Enjoy helping people? Help Gertens customers by enhancing their shopping experience with your knowledge and assistance. It takes just a positive attitude and willingness to be helpful.
Full-time, part-time and seasonal positions

Warehouse/Logistics: Got a knack for organizing or fulfillment? Join the power behind the Gertens engine. The warehouse/logistics team at Gertens is a dedicated team that handles the movement of product from warehouse to storefront. Work with our internal freight, the Gerten fork trucks and pallet jacks will give you a lift.
Full & part-time openings

Pond and Water Feature Sales: Maybe you've built a water garden or have a desire to work with people who need help with water features or pond plants and products. What better way to share your knowledge and experiences than working outdoors, helping Gertens customers with their water gardening needs.
Seasonal full & part-time openings

Cashier: Become one of many legendary, friendly and efficient cashiers. You'll enjoy helping valued Gertens customers through one of the final steps of their Gertens experience.
Seasonal & full-time openings

Carryout Service: This a great way to start with Gertens. The final and important step of the customer experience at Gertens. It's a great way to enjoy and engage with people outdoors, as you assist them. Great first job or if you're looking for something to fill in your day.
Seasonal spring summer and fall full and part-time openings

Shrub and Tree Sales: Do you like Northland backyards and have an aptitude for shrubs and tree's? You will have the largest selection of products to help our valued Gertens customers in making these important life long planting investment decisions. Just bring your passion for trees, shrubs and plants and enjoy working in a forest of outdoor freshness helping Gertens customers.
Seasonal full & part-time openings

Annual Plant Sales: Grab your love of flowers and any type of container gardening experience you can share, and give it to Gertens customers, as you assist them in plant selections in a fun, fast paced, and energetic work environment. All shifts available. (Usually the same time Gerten plants are growing).
Seasonal spring summer and fall full and part-time openings

Perennial Plant Sales: If your a perennial planting gardener and have a passion for these yearly growing plants, bring that passion to the renowned Perennial Lot where the hundreds of choices usually come down to the recommendations of our experienced perennial staff.
Seasonal spring summer and fall full and part-time openings

Garden Center Retail Sales: What does it take to be a successful gardener? We want the person who has a passion for outdoor living, gardening or outdoor decorating to join Gertens and help customers make the better choice to be successful in their yard or garden. Engage and help customers with advise on the right tool, type of grass or bird seed, fertilizer and other products you probably use daily.
Seasonal spring summer and fall full and part-time openings.

Patio Furniture/Grill/Outdoor Living Sale: Do you have a flair for sales or a knack for “putting everything together for the patio”? Our outdoor living/grill/ patio furniture departments want you to join us. How rewarding it is for Gertens customers finding that perfect Weber Grill, enjoying the grilling experience of a Big Green Egg because of the knowledge you shared. Use your flair and experience helping customers with their selections and choices of the finest outdoor furniture displays, many in natural settings in the great backyard and patio.
Seasonal full & part-time openings

Landscape Supply Center: Gertens Landscape Supply Center is the starting point to supply customers with everything they need to install a variety of landscape projects. If you've had experience with outdoor projects, from pavers to retaining walls, bulk mulches rock or soil projects, you can help Gertens customers in these important choices or decisions.
Seasonal full & part-time openings

Contractor Landscape Supply Sales & Purchasing
If you love outdoor backyards, Gertens Wholesale division has an exciting position open. Join our Commercial Sales and Landscape team. You'll be involved in sales, work with the purchasing staff, cashier and oversee a team of cashiers. If you're a people person, come in and build your career.
Full-time position

Landscape Supply Cashier
If you're energetic and ready to join a growng company, Gertens Wholesale Division will pave the way to a rewarding career. Interact with customers, as a Landscape Supply Cashier. It's the perfect start to growing with Gertens. Flexible hours to suit a flexible schedule.
Seasonal full-time

Delivery Driver
Are you driven to find a better delivery job? Spend your day at work and evenings with your family. If you want to be paid by the hour AND get a commission for excelling at driving and delivery, Gertens Wholesale Division will ignite your career. You'll drive in one finest fleet of trucks on the road. Earn as much in a season as many driver earn in a full year. If your driven, start driving for us.
Seasonal full-time

Sales Account Manager
If you're looking for an exciting “take charge” position, Gertens Wholesale Division will help you build a career. We need an account manager who will work with customers and direct an outside sale staff. You will help customer with whole nursery products, fill orders, select and load plant material. Leaders lead, and we'll guide you and lead you into an exciting and rewarding career.
Full-time position

Landscape Yard Operator
Do you like the landscape industry? Do you want a change to a more stable work environment? Do you want to feel like you can move the earth? Our landscape supply yards are looking for individuals that are familiar with landscape supplies; retaining walls, paver brick, stone, soils and mulches, who can operate skid loaders, loaders, screeners and fork lifts.


Read what Kathryn had to say about her experience here.

I'm so lucky.

Sometimes, I dont know how I fail to see that.

I love the place I work. As every job does, there are some not-so-fun parts, some bad or exhausting days.... but lately I've just felt the need to express how grateful I am for this place.

For one, my co-workers. They are great. It is weird to think about how seriously they are involved with my life. With all this change that is going on, I always express my fears and worries, and they are right there, listening and offering advice. It sounds cheesy, but each one really has a specific place that they can relate, that they can help or that I can help, that just really confirms that there is a good reason for them to be in my life. Sharing an excitement/passion for adventure and travel, encouraging me in my profession and helping me build confidence, relating and bonding over singleness, nerding out about plants or hardscape products, just sharing life with me.... 

The overall sense of service. Yes, I work in a retail environment- it is a lot about customer service. It is in the job description. But a lot of times it seems like more than that. Even though we are "supposed" to go that extra mile for customers- I think a lot of times we already strive to without thinking. Attitude and manners are top priorities. Without being asked I see guys on lunch break offer to help a customer push out several carts of plants to his truck, I see managers get their hands dirty right alongside everyone else to help when needed, I see people from different departments go out of there way to make things easier for someone else....

The connections, networking, and support. I have used connections and relationships that I have formed in this job so many times in the past year. After my first season (last year) I found a different job starting up in march. I used references and resources straight from relationships formed here. And graciously accepted me back in June.

I get to help people. The position I have involves a lot of different tasks, but probably my favorite part is helping people with DIY projects. Seeing them excited about a project, makes me excited to help them make it happen. I get to share what I know and what I like in combination with what they want and need.

In the beginning, I have no idea why I took this job. I wasn't that excited about it. They didn't offer the particular position I was hoping for.... My first week I was so overwhlemed- it was too big of a company, there where too many people to meet, too much to learn, and it seemed like a job I should have had in high school- not with a college diploma. I had no place to live and thought I had made a big mistake.

I'm not even sure how or when my perspective changed. But it is just so encouraging to look back and see that something good and very important can come out of something that I would never expect. Something that is less than MY "perfect" ideal plan is part of something bigger and better for me than I know.

Thanks Kathryn it has been a pleasure having you with us.


Preferred Customer