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Green Loon Bloom Enhancer 5 lbs.

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Quick Overview

Specially formulated for all types of blooming flowers, plants and shrubs

Water soluble for quick delivery of nutrients for plant growth & stronger roots.



Use With All All Kinds of Blooming Plants:

This formula is designed to provide all plants, flowering plants, and garden vegetables.

with properly balanced nutrition for fast structural growth and maximum development.



This formula does an excellent job on gardens, flowers, trees, lawns, and houseplants

throughout the entire growing season. It provides plants with properly balanced ntrition

to encourage plant growth, strong roots, and more blloms.



Absolutely Safe for All Plants: Will not “burn” roots or foliage, even in hot, dry summer

conditions when used according to our simple “just add water” directions.



Green Loon® AllPurpose Formula is specically designed to

be mixed with water and is completely water soluble. It may absorb

some dampness and under certain storage conditions may harden.

Its eectiveness will not be reduced. Using a clean tool, break up

any large lumps to ensure an accurate measurement. Very hard

lumps will dissolve almost instantly in water.

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